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Wenzheng Zhang

Tsinghua University

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Wenzheng Zhang graduated from Fuzhou University in 1978, and earned her M.D. from USTB in 1983 and Ph.D. from McMaster University in 1991. She joined Tsinghua University in 1997, and became a professor in the Department (School) of Material Science and Engineering since 1999. Her research interests focus on quantitative understanding of microstructures developed from solid-state phase transformations. She identified the general features of preferred interfaces between the precipitates and the matrix in terms of singularity and periodicity, and developed a generic approach for quantitatively interpreting the precipitation crystallography, especially with measurable Δg reciprocal vectors. She and her students have continuously made advances in the interfacial dislocation theory, for calculating the geometries of preferred interfaces and complicated dislocation structures. They also made progress on the experimental and simulation study of interface migration, and revealed the shear-coupled migration of the habit plane as the cause to the surface relief effect associated with growth of precipitates. In addition, her team has contributed both free software and database to facilitate the study of transformation crystallography. Wenzheng Zhang has authored ~130 peer-reviewed papers. She is a member of Phase Transformations Committee (TMS) and Committee of Defects in Solids (Chinese Society of Physics).
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